Recent Roles


Despite all of the craziness and uncertainty of this year, I was lucky enough to work on a few great projects. I started the year by voicing Tarale Wulff's testimony for the Harvey Weinstein Trial: Unfilterd Podcast, played a supporting role in the Lifetime movie Birthmother's Betrayal, and just finished filming a lead role in Chrome Bumper FIlms' short film 60 Seconds. 

Below you'll find reviews from the shows I worked on last summer and fall.

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Reviews for Olivia Wilde...

"This show is a masterpiece and the hand-selected cast are comedic geniuses in pulling out all the stops to make this the funniest damn show of the Fringe." Indie Voice Blog

"Emilie Martz as the last remaining professional actress carries the show through a penchant for naturalistic delivery of the science-fictional script and some stunning good looks. It will be interesting to see where and how her professional career develops." City Watch LA

Reviews for The Direction Home

Emilie Martz, the loveliest of Farrah Fawcett-tressed charmers . . . shares the most effective and affecting scene, one that has Barnes’ Stephen and Martz’s Katie sharing secrets they’ve kept hidden far too long." StageSceneLA

"Director Kiff Scholl does an excellent job of keeping the action moving with the able assistance of a talented group of ensemble actors." Splash Magazines